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Mission House 

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Dear friends in Christ,


When Alpha Community Church acquired a 3-acre property on Roatan’s east end eight years ago, it was nothing but jungle. Today it is home to our chapel, but it is also home to families in need. We have been blessed to build housing for the less fortunate on our campus, and we pray we will be able to build more. We also pray we will be able to build housing to accommodate the missionary groups that visit us, as rentals are scarce on this side of the island. 


This property is an important footprint on Roatan because as our island home has grown in popularity as a tourist destination, foreigners have bought over 60% of property on the island. This has driven up the cost of living, pricing out families with modest salaries who have lived here for generations and pushing them into ghettos.


Our dream is to build a self-sustaining economy suited for God’s kingdom on our property, an economy built on hard work, mercy and grace so that we can, as the Lord promises in Jeremiah 29:11, give our people hope and a future. This includes a school and homes for widows, orphans and young souls who have dedicated their lives to God. 


This is where you come in. To build this self-sustaining vision, we seek to build a mission house so missionaries who visit us can stay on our property. This year, Alpha Community Church paid $45,000 to house missionaries off-site. If we build a mission house, that money could stay within our community and be invested in hiring church staff, as well as helping the poor and struggling in our community. When missionaries are not using it, we could rent it out to other groups to raise money to serve the least of these among us.


We humbly ask that your church consider partnering with us to build a mission house, which we hope will be the first of three. The mission house will cost $60,000 and take six months to build, plus an additional $12,000 to furnish. We hope to have it ready to welcome mission groups in summer 2024. The price to build it is small compared to the dividends it will provide. 


Please prayerfully consider partnering with us as a mission outreach. It is an opportunity for your church, which is already a dear friend of ours, to become a permanent member of the Roatan community and invest in the global body of Christ. You have seen the good work we are doing in the service of our Lord and it is our prayer that your hearts will be moved to help us build God’s kingdom here on earth. It is a worthy investment. 


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Hank Stanly

Alpha Community Church

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